Together We Rise - CD

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Together We RiseCreated specially for the 2016 Gather The Women Annual Retreat in Los Gatos, CA, this CD is the latest in Karie's musical progression as an inspiring and uplifting singer songwriter. Stellar musicians add to the magic.

Listen to samples: Click here

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Messages Of Love - CD

Messages Of LoveCD BabyListen to samples, download tracks

Conscious pop music. Songs that reaffirm our basic goodness   and offer comfort and inspiration.  Released 2014

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Peace Be With You - CD

Peace Be With Youcd baby logo Listen to samples, download tracks

A soothing mix of affirming chants and uplifting sing-a-longs to use for your personal centering time, gatherings, retreats or wherever motivational and healing music is desired. Released 2011

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Peace Be With You (S) - Songbook

Peace Be With You Songbook                                                                                               Companion to the CD "Peace Be With You" - affirming chants and uplifting sing-a-longs with full lead sheets and separate lyric pages. Individual scores available here.

Published 2012

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Solstice Peace - CD - instrumental

Solstice Peacecd baby logo Listen to samples, download tracks

Blissfully relaxing grand piano with live crickets and frogs.

Released 2008 

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Light The Way - CD

Light The Waycd baby logoListen to song samples, download tracks 

Inspired and motivating conscious music that will lift you up!

Released 2007

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Peace Instead - CD

Peace InsteadCD Baby logoListen to samples, download tracks

Motivational songs in support of peace and the environment. 

Released 2007     Revised edition 2013

Free Lyric Booklet  (Click to open 1 page PDF, then Save or Print)

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To Your Heart - CD

To Your Heartcd baby logoListen to song samples, download tracks

Spiritual and uplifting music from the heart.

Released 2002

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Bridge The Distance - CD

Bridge The Distancecd baby logoListen to song samples, download tracks

An eclectic mix of songs and styles.

Released 1999

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Transitions - CD

Transitionscd baby logoListen to song samples, download tracks

Pop-rock, smooth jazz celebrating life's relationships and emotions.

Released 1996

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Next 5 Performances

  • Apr 16
    Living Beyond Limits - CSL Lakewood,  Lakewood
  • Apr 19
    North Hollywood Church of Religious Science,  N. Hollywood
  • Apr 23
    Center for Spiritual Living - Simi Valley,  Simi Valley
  • Apr 30
    Unity of South Bay,  Torrance
  • May 14
    Center for Spiritual Living - Monterey,  Monterey

Song Samples


We appreciate your music soooo much. 
We play your cds everyday or when we really need some solace. 
Just wanted to say how we enjoy your music.
Thanks for everything. We wish all the best and happy new year. Blessings support peace harmony calmness - Suzanne and Lyle
Hi Karie.  Thank you for your sweet note. Just want you to know that I am enjoying your CD very much, and particularly love In the Silence.  Did you sing that over the weekend? Not sure, but I will be using it for my morning meditation.  Can't wait to share your music with my Sacred Circle.  I know we will meet again. Much love, Denise
Dearest Karie,    You were marvelous yesterday.  You added so much to the event, especially with your special song.  You are so wonderful to do this for us, to give of your time and talent.  Everyone had such a good time.  So many said it made their day!  Love, Bobbie
   I am back on Vancouver island and as I am emailing you, I have your CD playing -- and I love it-- We are all one  !   So good to see you and to be in the same energy with you-- it was an honor for me to be close to you and to share some healing rays with you.

I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers and continue to hold you in the Light--
Awesome to be with you and to share son g and dance with you--
In love, light & Gratitude,  Diane


Thank you, Karie! Your talk was just what I needed to hear--really timely. And I'm so glad that I got to sit with you at lunch. You're so honest, funny, and wise--an original, authentic soul! With love, Barbara


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